Tivis Ltd produces pellets with cylindrical form with the following dimensions: diameter - 6mm, length up to 30mm.

The pellets are made by dried and pressed under pressure wooden filings and shavings, residuals from the processing of wood material – generally acacia and conifers. When thermal pressed the particles stick one to another due to the biopolymer lignin (natural glue in the wood) without any other adhesive additives.

In fact, the usage of pellets is increasing because of their high energy conversion efficiency (η) of the heating systems working with pellets- from 85% to 95% (for comparison the η for wood fireplaces is 70%). Moreover, due to their qualities, pellets are almost entirely burned. Besides this, after burning very small amount of dust is being produced (under 1%). The burned residue is a quality fertilizer with a high content of Phosphorus and Potassium.

The product is featured by low moisture content (rom 8% up to 12%) and the calorific value varies from 4800 up to 5100 kcal/kg.

The Tivis’ pellets are high quality and proven effective. They are tested by internationally recognized, accredited laboratory and are ISO certified. This is a proof for their high calorific value and low dust content – a guarantee for trouble-free usage as a heat source in the relevant heating systems.