Garden Decoration

Декорация за градината

„Back to nature“

Our gamma of products is inspired by the slogan «Back to nature » and the idea for environmental responsibility. Through our products we proove that the eco could be beautiful, suitable and affordable, too. We present to you the following products:

Garden Trail

Suitable for your garden or pool areas, elegant and yet practical. Made of selected dried acacia wood with high quality and natural texture; well polished surface. Resistant to external weather conditions. Compact, easy to carry, ideal for seasonal use.

Dimensions: 21 x 900 x 3000 cm

Decking - squared

Modern solution for the home and garden. The size allows different combination according to your idea and inspiration. Decking is made from selected dried acacia wood with high quality; well-polished surface. Strength of acacia material make it ideal for flooring veranda, terrace and pool areas. Portable, sustainable and elegant.

Dimensions: 2,1cm x 90cm x 300cm

Fence ‘Natura’

Solution that will provide you with peace and bring the mood in the garden for your family. Made of acacia wood, free of bark, guarantee long life. Available in sections that are easy to install together.

Plank size: 10cm x 18cm or 12cm x 18cm

Fence ‘Flower Garden’

The color accent of the fence will give completion of your garden for even more mood. Made of acacia material originating in Bulgaria, durable, allowing to color as you desire – a beautiful and sustainable over time.

Fence ‘Roll’

Fence of acacia split triangular pegs connected by wire rope. Innovative solution allowing greater mobility and the ability to be stored in winter. Is used for vigorous flower beds, and it is also used for protection from the wind.

Dimensions: height 70 cm to 1.5 m; length is usually 2 m.


Environmentally friendly solution for you gardeners! Suitable for growing grass and leaves mass and its further use as a natural fertilizer. Easy assembly and disassembly and ensuring long-lasting use.

Dimensions (internal): 70 x 70 x 70 cm

Acacia cubes/pavement and stumps for decoration

Acacia pavement is a bold and innovative solution for your garden. Completely ecological, making them suitable for garden paths, rockeries, playgrounds (innovative solution widespread in some French cities), and many other applications, depending on your ideas. Can be densely packed or distance between them and the possibility of grouting - to achieve different aesthetic effect.

The acacia disks are made by slicing the acacia stem on different width. The size of the disks is set by the client. For decoration and for making beautiful, green garden paths. Acacia cubes/pavement and disks for decoration are available per square meter.

Dimensions of the wooden cubes: 10 x 10 x10 cm